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The National Sex Offender Registry: Existing Rules and New Developments

Since 2004, the Canadian government has maintained a National Sex Offender Registry (the “National Registry”), containing data about individuals who have been convicted of sexual offences.  As a result, convictions for most sexual offences will be accompanied by an order to make regular reports to the National Registry. Recently, the Government of Canada has proposed […]

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Do You Know How Sentences Are Worked out?

Just like any criminal lawyer can assert, if you are found guilty of any crime (other than first-degree murder), your sentence will depend on many factors such as the type of crime, circumstances and seriousness of the crime, and your personal circumstances. When deciding on a sentence, the judge will consider things like the seriousness […]

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A Look At The Classification Of Offences in Canada and the United States

This submission was provided by a guest blogger There are various crimes that people commit.  In the United States the most serious crimes are classified as felonies.   A felony includes crimes like murder, terrorism, cocaine trafficking, etc. Felony crimes can be punishable by life or in certain states capital crimes are punishable by death. Minor […]

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