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Our Rates

Weisberg Law is a boutique law firm that strives to offer the best service possible for our clients.

Just as every case and every client are unique, the costs of defending a case at trial or conducting an appeal will be unique to each individual case. The total cost will depend upon a number of factors. The main factors being considered when assessing the cost of a matter are the complexity and the time that will be required to complete the matter. The final cost consideration will often be disbursements (charges for experts, investigators, transcripts, mileage, etc.).

The firm will always discuss fees and rates at the initial in-person meeting once the complexity of the potential client’s matter is generally understood by the lawyers at Weisberg Law.

After understanding the details and discussing legal fees at the first meeting, a retainer agreement will be drafted to clearly outline the terms and conditions under which Weisberg Law’s legal team will handle your case. There will always be a written and signed retainer agreement.

Weisberg Law usually bills on an hourly basis as this practice is the most common form of billing among leading law firms. In certain circumstances, a client may choose block-fee billing instead. A block-fee is a set cost for how much the matter will cost in total or on a per day basis in court. Block fee billing is sometimes appropriate for lengthy multi-day trials or for simple cases where clients prefer the certainty of a block fee.

Weisberg Law believes that for criminal lawyers hourly billing has proven to be the fairest and most transparent way to bill clients. The firm prides itself on handling every case and every client in a fair, transparent, and cost-conscious way, particularly because the firm is billing for premium legal services.

Weisberg Law will not charge clients for brief phone calls. The firm wants its clients to feel comfortable contacting the office and seeking quick advice at any point.

Visa, MasterCard, and Interac are accepted for the convenience of the firm’s clients.