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Criminal Defence Successes

In over a fifteen years of conducting trials and appeals, Mr. Weisberg and his team have gained invaluable experience and insight into the trial and appellate process. Below is a sampling of some of the many successes Weisberg Law has had conducting criminal matters. Mr. Weisberg has had carriage of over a thousand criminal matters. Hundreds of those clients have had their charges withdrawn due to advocacy done prior to even entering the courtroom.

When you hire Weisberg Law, you have a tried and tested team that is ready to put their skills to work for you in the courtroom. Litigation and results will vary based on the individual facts of each case; therefore, past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

Disclaimer: The initials of former clients have been changed and modified from their real initials to protect the former clients' identities.  Further, facts that could tend to identify former clients have been deleted.