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Facing a Drug Charge

Recent news headlines on drugs have been split between the Liberal government’s promise to legalize marijuana and the wave of drug overdoses related to fentanyl use. These issues, despite their many facets, are surprisingly straightforward when compared to complex drug investigations and take-downs that also grace the front page of the Toronto Star.   Drugs are […]

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Lawfully Filming Police

Few inventions in the past thirty years have had a greater impact on law enforcement than the video camera.  The realities of police violence can be hidden easily behind corroborated reports of police officers, until of course, events are captured on video.  The March 3, 1991 video taken of a group of Los Angeles police […]

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Your Rights in a Digital Age

Cell phones carry a staggering amount of intimate information, more than any other device in our possession. The convenience of having web browsing capability, email, texting, messaging apps, camera, and a telephone all in one place has centralized the storage of this information. Passcodes and fingerprint technology are frequently used against the average intrusive stranger, […]

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Intimate Images Offence Explained by Leading Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Modern technology has led to new and unforeseen changes in the way people communicate and express themselves.   Smart-phones, computers and the internet give almost everyone the ability to instantly connect and share information with countless other individuals. Unfortunately, some people use the amazing potential of the internet to hurt others.  This behaviour is often labeled […]

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