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R. v. T.S. – Client discharged of 1st degree murder after preliminary inquiry.

R. v. J.K. – Sexual assault charges dismissed mid-cross examination of the complaiannt.

R. v. A.T. – Acquittal of charges of sexual assault.

R. v. M.M. – 50 plus kilogram cocaine case stayed by prosecutor during Charter motion.

R. v. P.C. – Successful Charter motion quashing warrant excluding 1 kilogram of cocaine and several hundred thousand dollars in currency.

R. v. A.F. – Sexual assault charges withdrawn on morning of trial in response to motion materials.

R. v. H.E. – Sexual assault charges withdrawn after Crown Attorney reviewed application materials.

R. v. B.M. – Acquittal after trial in case of child sexual assault allegations.

R. v. P.M. – first degree murder charges withdrawn.

R. v. Q.M. – criminal negligence cause death and obstruct charges dismissed after multi-week preliminary hearing.

R. v. S.A. – criminal organization and drug trafficking charges stayed due to delay application.

R. v. C.R. – jury acquittal for client charged with choking, sex assault, assault and threats.

R. v. F.A. – professional charged with domestic assaults acquitted part way through trial because of cross-exam.

R. v. B.R. –  judge alone trial where client found not guilty of importing 2 kilograms of cocaine.

R. v. B.A. – not guilty of robbery with imitation firearm.

R. v. G.G. – jury acquitted accused of sexual assault, sexual interference, and uttering threats.

R. v. J.G. – possession for trafficking of cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine charges withdrawn.

R. v. D.T. – firearm charges and trafficking in cocaine charges withdrawn on eve of preliminary hearing.

R. v. D.J. – kilo level cocaine charges withdrawn on first day of jury trial.

R. v. W.T. – threatening death charge in the domestic context dismissed after trial where accused testified.

R. v. S.D. – massage therapist found not guilty of sexual assault after trial where he testified.

R. v. I.J. –  gang sexual assault case dismissed after cross examination.

R. v. B.B. – indecent act charges dismissed and accused found not guilty after trial.

R. v. R.R. – child pornography case dismissed due to Charter breach.

R. v. N.M. – impaired and refuse charge with a serious accident dismissed due to Charter breach.

R. v. M.F. – fraud over charges withdrawn after main witness’s credibility issues exposed at preliminary hearing.

R. .v. G.J. – criminal harassment, mischief, prowling charges defeated with successful Charter application.

R. v. D.B. – domestic assault (x2) and mischief charges dismissed after trial.

R. v. N.Z. – possession of over a kilo of cocaine and methamphetamine withdrawn during preliminary hearing.

R. v. J.G. – charges withdrawn for an arson case.

R. v. A.F. – assault, mischief over $5000, and threatening charges withdrawn.

R. v. D.B. – assault charges withdrawn on morning of trial.

R. v. B.H. – unreasonable delay in an assault bodily harm trial that resulted in charges being stayed.

R. v. T.L. – successful appeal of robbery type charges because trial lawyer failed to obtain instructions.

R. v. P.B. – assault bodily harm charges dismissed because of unreasonable delay.

R. v. B.H. – impaired driving and over 80 charges stayed for unreasonable delay.

R. v. J.J. – cocaine trafficking case dismissed after evidence excluded due to Charter breaches.

R. v. F.H. – impaired and over 80 driving charges stayed due to Crown delay.

R. v. K.J. – Serious sexual assault allegations.  Overwhelming evidence collected by defence proved the client’s innocence.

R. v. T.L. – accused charged with two counts of assault causing bodily harm in a case involving a bar fight.  Not guilty of both charges after trial.

R. v. L.D. – accused facing gun possession charges for allegedly shooting himself with a handgun.  Found not guilty after trial.

R. v. D.B. – successful cross examination on search warrant issues convinces Crown to withdraw kilo-level cocaine charges.

R. v. B.C. – first degree murder charge withdrawn after motion filed by the firm.

Disclaimer: The initials of the above former clients have all been modified and changed to protect the former clients’ identities.
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