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Facing criminal charges is an incredibly difficult and stressful experience. Choosing a criminal defence lawyer is an important decision for obvious reasons. Your reputation, your profession, and often your freedom are all on the line.

Our lawyers will travel anywhere in Ontario for the right case. Our firm regularly defends clients in Toronto, Newmarket, BramptonHalton, and Niagara.

When you choose Weisberg Law, you are selecting a criminal litigation firm that has built its reputation on trust, honesty, and hard work. Perseverance, stubbornness, and creativity often enable us to construct defences to criminal cases that are game-changing to the outcome of the case. Results matter in criminal law. When you hire us, we are focused on getting you the best result legally possible for any situation.

We believe in quality over quantity. Our firm takes a personalized approach to each case, ensuring that our clients receive the attention they both require and have come to expect.

An honest relationship between the client and the criminal lawyer is very important. Our firm always takes the time to explain strategic decisions and the court process to our clients. We believe in transparency and being straightforward when it comes to issues involving our relationship with our clients.

Unlike many lawyers, we are reachable at all times and all hours.

If you are thinking about hiring us, contact us and set up an appointment with our lawyers.

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