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Obstruct Peace Officer, Assault Peace Officer, and Escape Lawful Custody

R. v. K.R.

K.R. was dropping off his girlfriend at a strip club. K.R. was breaching almost every condition of his bail. The police investigated, and K.R. lied about his name in an attempt to avoid being charged for breaching his bail. The officers were not fooled. At trial, three charges of breaching his bail were dismissed, and he was also found not guilty of obstructing a peace officer.

Note on K.R. – Mr. Weisberg also defended K.R. on four other separate cases: 1) possession for the purpose MDMA; 2) possession for the purpose Cocaine; 3) Domestic Assault; and 4) Fraud. Mr. Weisberg managed to get all four sets of these charges withdrawn for K.R. using various strategies and tactics.

R. v. E.T.

E.T. was charged with escaping lawful custody and obstructing a peace officer. Police pulled over a Honda Civic on suspicions it was stolen. The officers questioned E.T. who was the passenger of the vehicle and discovered that a warrant was outstanding. E.T. pushed the officers and ran away. Mr. Weisberg’s cross-examination established that the officers likely racially profiled the occupants of the Honda Civic. The Crown Attorney withdrew the charges midway through the trial.

R. v. W.D.

W.D. faced charges relating to fraudulent identification and assaulting a peace officer. After the preliminary hearing, the fraudulent identification charges were withdrawn. During the trial, Mr. Weisberg cross-examined the first police officer and established several breaches of W.D.’s rights. The Crown Attorney invited an acquittal. The entire Superior Court trial lasted approximately forty-five minutes.