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Criminal Organization

R. v. C.D.

After months of investigation, several people were charged with being part of a criminal organization, drug trafficking, and weapons charges. C.D. was alleged to have been the third highest-ranking member of a west end street gang. C.D. was charged with several criminal organization and conspiracy charges.

The case was weakened during the preliminary hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing, the criminal organization charges were withdrawn in exchange for a plea to a drug charge.

R. v. C.R.

Massive project resulting in the arrest of several individuals alleged to be involved in a large-scale drug trafficking ring.  The prosecution alleged there was a criminal conspiracy and a criminal organization.  C.R. was alleged to be the second in command of this large-scale drug ring.  An 11(b) application was served and filed that resulted in the charges being stayed against C.R.  The prosecution had taken several years to bring C.R. to trial resulting in a breach of his rights to a trial without an unreasonable delay.  C.R. has no criminal record and is currently a productive member of his community.