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Criminal Conspiracy

Conspiracy Lawyer Successes

“G20 Conspiracy”

The 2010 summer in Toronto was indelibly marked in history due to the chaos that ensued during the G20 Summit. Several young people were charged with conspiring to obstruct peace officers and commit various acts of mischief. Mr. Weisberg’s client was charged as one of these “ringleaders.” The preliminary hearing commenced, and Mr. Weisberg minimized the evidence against his client by cross-examining the main undercover officer. Several of the co-accused entered pleas of guilt and on that basis Mr. Weisberg’s client’s charges were withdrawn.

“Humane Society Case”

This case was plagued with severe difficulties for the prosecution before charges were ever even laid. Mr. Weisberg’s client was an executive.  All of the accused persons were arrested for conspiracy counts involving cruelty to animals. As the case unfolded in the disclosure documents, it became clear that the complaints were for the most part based on rumour, gossip, speculation and hearsay. The charges were withdrawn.–all-charges-dropped-by-crown-in-toronto-humane-society-raid