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Child Abuse

R. v. J.P.

A bitter separation was occurring in the background. The accused’s common law spouse called Children’s Services to report that her young son and daughter had been beaten by the accused with a belt. Children’s Services contacted the Toronto Police, and a joint investigation began leading to the father being charged with assault with a weapon and assault against his two young children. Toronto criminal lawyer Adam Weisberg brought a third-party records application and gained access to Children’s Services records. Through a series of delicate cross examinations and with the help of the third-party records, Adam Weisberg established that the mother’s interference may have caused the allegations from the children.

The accused was acquitted and now has access to his children.

R. v. B.M.

The accused was charged with sexual interference in relation to his young relative. The accused was a caregiver to the elementary school-aged child. The allegations arose in the midst of a contentious child custody and access dispute. The accused maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings. The accused did not testify, however, was acquitted after trial.