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Attempted Murder

R. v. P.F.

A young man was charged with shooting another man several times over an alleged drug dispute. The accused was discharged at the preliminary hearing after the victim’s identity evidence was found not to be sufficient.

R. v. G.L.

Two men walked up to another man and shot him at close range several times. G.L. was charged with the shooting after being identified by the victim as a long-time acquaintance. The victim’s credibility was destroyed in cross examination. Near the end of the trial, the Crown prosecutor invited an acquittal because there was no reasonable prospect of conviction.

R. v. T.P.

A young man was on video shooting a person just outside a donut store. The shooter ran from the scene and was chased by police. He was eventually apprehended minutes away from the shooting.

The police found a firearm on the accused. It was determined that the bullets in the victim matched the gun found on the defendant. After several days of trial, once the case was weakened, the charge of attempt murder was withdrawn, and the accused entered a plea to discharge firearm with intent to wound.