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Assault Charges

R. v. L.T

L.T. was a young college student. He managed to become involved in a violent confrontation at a nightclub. The violence spilled out onto the street. Once police arrived, several men were laid out on the ground with serious injuries. Two of the injured individuals attributed their injuries to L.T. One man had a severe concussion, and both had broken teeth.

Mr. Weisberg was able to establish that L.T. had nothing to do with the assault on one of the men and acted in self-defence on the other injured man. The accused was found not guilty.

R. v. S.R.

S.R. lived in a fraternity house. The complainant’s property was defaced with racist and homophobic slogans and pictures. The complainant confronted our client and claimed he was violently attacked. The complainant suffered a broken nose. Mr. Weisberg attacked the complainant’s credibility and advanced a case of self-defence. S.R. was found not guilty on all counts.

R. v. B.S.

A young woman attempted to return a clothing item at a large retail mall. A confrontation occurred between B.S. and the clerks. The trial revealed hostile attitudes from both the accused and the store clerks. One of the clerks fell during a physical altercation and fractured her wrist.  B.S. testified and was found not guilty after trial.