Legal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Law

This FAQ is meant to assist as a general overview of the criminal process. It is recommended to read through this FAQ prior to your first meeting with Adam Weisberg. The procedures in the FAQ are specific to the Greater Toronto Area but will generally apply consistently across Ontario. It is strongly recommended that if you are facing a criminal charge that you immediately contact a criminal lawyer for a proper legal consultation.

The Beginning of the Criminal Process

What is an arrest warrant and why was I not arrested immediately?
What should I do if the police are looking for me?

First Steps after Arrest

What happens at a bail or “show cause” hearing?
What should be done after an accused is released from the police station or court?

Meeting with my Lawyer

What can I expect at our first meeting?
What is disclosure?

Resolution Meetings, Pre-trials, and Judicial Pre-trials

What happens at a resolution meeting or pre-trial?
What is a judicial pre-trial?

The Preliminary Hearing

What is a preliminary hearing or inquiry?

The Criminal Trial

How does a criminal trial work?

The Guilty Plea

When should I consider pleading guilty?