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Surrender to Police

What should I do if the police are looking for me?

You should contact Weisberg Law Professional Corporation immediately. A criminal lawyer in Toronto, or elsewhere in Ontario, can determine whether a warrant has been issued for your arrest, whether you are believed to be a witness, or whether you are considered a person of interest.

A criminal lawyer can communicate with the police on your behalf, without you having to take the risk of making statements to the police which can be held against you later in court. A criminal lawyer can also provide you with important legal advice before you surrender to the police or contact the police.

If the police plan on arresting you, a criminal lawyer can make arrangements for your surrender and negotiate with the police to potentially arrange for your release from custody after arrest. If the police are not willing to release you after arrest and intend on holding you for bail, a criminal lawyer can help ensure that your bail hearing proceeds as soon as possible.

At the bail hearing stage, the assistance of a criminal lawyer is very important to assist in securing the release of a person charged with a crime.

An experienced criminal lawyer will have conducted hundreds of bail hearings. That lawyer will also often be able to negotiate favourable terms of release. Bail conditions are a very important consideration when negotiating bail for a client. Overly restrictive bail terms often lead to further difficulties and expense for the client in the criminal process.


  1. Bench warrants are routinely issued by judges if an accused person fails to appear in court as required.
  2. Arrest warrants are issued by the police to locate suspects who the police intend on charging.

If there is a potential warrant outstanding a criminal lawyer should be contacted immediately. Adam Weisberg at Weisberg Law Professional Corporation is available to assist.

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