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Domestic Assaults

Domestic assaults are taken seriously by the police, prosecutors and courts. It is advisable to retain a lawyer as soon as possible after being charged with an offence involving domestic violence. What is a Domestic Offence? Domestic offences, including domestic assault, are offences that occur within the context of a familial or romantic relationship (for […]

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Reconciliation Following Domestic Charges

When one person in a relationship is charged with a domestic offence, the couple will often find themselves wanting to reconcile and work to repair their relationship. However, the criminal justice system often pushes these couples apart and interferes with their wishes to fix their relationship. Domestic Criminal Offences A domestic offence is one that […]

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Cross-Examination in Domestic and Sexual Assault Trials

Cross-examination in domestic assault and sexual assault trials is often the key to victory. The trier of fact, being a judge or jury, is left with two competing versions of events and has to decide whether the case has or has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Successful cross-examination is necessary to expose weaknesses […]

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